REVIEW: Planet Gigantic #1

Story: Eric Grissom
Art: David Havorlson
Publisher: Action Lab Entertainment
Release Date: November 26, 2014

On its surface, Planet Gigantic appears to be a fun, carefree book. As the pages turn, though, things begin to crystallize in ways that may suggest a more complex story. One that is hidden beneath the premise of marooned visitors from another world battling elemental monsters.

After crash landing on a strange planet, Yuri and Valentina, a genetically-enhanced brother and sister duo, find themselves without a mother to guide them or any idea where in the cosmos they are. It becomes immediately apparent that while they have their differences, they are a formidable pair of fighters and successfully ward off a belligerent rock beast.

As silly as some of that may sound, the story moves along fluidly and has something of the same adventurous tone of classics such as The Swiss Family Robinson. Make no mistake, this is definitely a book geared toward younger readers, but it shows great promise as far as its driving idea (sibling overcoming adversity through teamwork) and choice of exotic setting.

Grasson’s story is traditional in that he manages to mix in the obligatory action and exciting high points, which translates to an orthodox  structure. Bottomline, there’s not much that’ll surprise you in terms of set up, but that doesn’t mean the book is any less enjoyable because of that fact.

At times the dialogue does get a little pretentious, especially when we meet Queen Neva (Rightful Ruler of the Seven Realms, and don’t you forget it), but very few books, if any at all, are perfect.

The artwork is accessible and slightly cartoonish, and not meant to be taken too seriously, in keeping with the tone of the book. Halvorson knows who he is drawing for and doesn’t try to overwhelm the intended audience with unnecessary detail.

This comic is great for some relatively easy reading or as an introduction for anyone looking to explore the comic book genre without any real commitment.

Review by: A.C.

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