REVIEW: Planet Hulk #4

Planet Hulk #4
Writer – Sam Humphries
Artist – Marc Laming
Colours – Jordan Boyd
Letter – VC’s Travis Lanham

Let’s judge this book by its cover…Working on the chain gang, Hulk is smashing rocks chained to a puppet masters hand. It’s nice art of the Hulk with a plain white background. I’m not keen on plain covers like this, I like a little more detail.

The facts are these..Secret wars has destroyed the multiverse all that’s left is Battleworld. Random versions of heroes and villains must join together to defeat it’s ruler Dr. Doom.
Doom has sent Steve Rogers to kill the Red King and free Bucky. But he’s been captured by Tribal Hulks.

If you’re sitting comfortably we can begin…Steve is being taken to the red king when a general tells the green hulks that he is worthless for having no gamma in him blood and is to be killed when a green Hulk saves him and joins him in his quest to save Bucky. Devil Dinosaur shows up and helps get Steve to the castle. Inside he’s faced with the red king himself who laughs when Steve orders Bucky’s release. The red king tells how he sent Bucky’s head to Doom months ago and only has his metal arm left as a trophy. To be continued.

Not really a bad issue. Nice take on captain America making him a Roman style gladiator. It’s paced nicely and the action is well done.

That’s gonna leave a mark… The hulk that saves Steve swings his axe into the head of another Hulk splitting it open. Pretty gruesome. The fighting is more punching after that.

The Good, the Bad and the Star rating…
The good – can’t fault the artwork or the pacing in this one.
The Bad – being different universe versions of the characters you don’t really care about them.
The stars – it’s only a 2 star book. There are simply too many tie in books to this Battleworld thing that don’t add to the overall story of the event. Unless you’re a hardcore Hulk or Captain America fan pass on this one.

Do you agree with my review?

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