REVIEW: Planet of Daemons: The Eye of Lucifer (1 of 4)

On the daemonic world of Sathariel, Amos Deathridge Magistrate of the Qliphoth, continues his pursuit of Count Eligos, the Spirit of the War. But entering Sathariel’s labyrinth, Amos encounters the hatching of a Succubus Queen, whose reincarnated soul shares a mysterious connection to his past.

I was afforded the opportunity to do an extended preview of this first issue some time ago and was more than pleased to see it come to my review desk.  The story begins by setting us on the journey of Amos Deathridge, the gaoler of Demons as he attempts to first uncover his missing companion.  Mr. Gunstone provides opens with some character building of our protagonist, followed by a few pages of history. The history of Amos certainly gives nod to the one possible reincarnated soul reanimating the Succubus Queen. The story moves temporally in a smooth and logical way, providing a rather speedy read of this opening issue.  Lettering and panel arrangement were also familiar and flowed through the story well.  Colorist, Stefan Mrkonjic provided a nice contrast in the panels based on location and time, be it the occult realm of the Qliphoth or New England. Paul Moore’s art has a gritty, rustic feel which pairs well with the entire creative team.  The Qliphoth and the mystical struggles Amos will be facing are displayed very well.
Planet of Daemons is an interesting step into creator owned work and I look forward to reading the remaining issues.  The story may very well be a departure for some who fancy straight up superhero books but the histories embedded into the work, through the Salem witch trials or the study of Jewish Kabbalah provide such an interesting and rich medium for storytelling.  Solid opener from a solid team!

(W) Kevin Gunstone (A) Stefan Mrkonjic (CA) Simon Gough (A/CA) Paul Moore
In Shops: Dec 28, 2016
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