REVIEW: Planet of Daemons: The Eye of Lucifer #2

In the occult realm of Qliphoth, the puritan magistrate Amos Deathridge serves as jailer of the Daemons who cast a sinister influence over Earth.  But entering Sathariel’s labyrinth Amos encounters the hatching of a Succubus Queen.

Issue two brings Amos and the Succubus Queen, known as Heinous face to face.  Amos is content on ending her life, but will he.  Will his moment of pity aid his quest or hasten his demise?  Amos, Heinous and Salis make their way into the massive Labyrinth of Sathariel to seek the Spirit of War.

Kevin Gunstone and Paul Moore bring readers back into the Qliphoth and now an unlikely team has formed.  The story moves in and out of the Qliphoth, providing glimpses into Amos’ life prior to taking on his quest.  Often this transition can become cumbersome and slow the script.  Mr. Gunstone navigates these reality shifts rather well and the only reason for reading slowly is to find those connections between Amos Deathridge’s past and his present.

Paul Moore and Stefan Mrkonjic provide art and colors.  The art is fitting for the story’s tone and Stefan’s colors are very good.  The line work may seem a bit heavy for some, but I find the gritty texture of the Qliphoth.  Shading and action seem to be more represented in issue two than was the opening issue.

I appreciate Kevin’s knowledge of the history which drives this story’s script and I hope the team can tie this series up neatly in the remaining two issues.

3.8 Alchemical Seals

Written by: Kevin Gunstone
Art by: Paul Moore
Colors by: Stefan Mrkonjic
Lettering by: Malala Studio

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