Paul Tobin (W), Jacob Chabot (A)
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
In shops on Oct. 28

Now before we move forward I need to let you know something.  I have no idea about the Plants vs Zombies games.  I don’t understand the fuss.  So before reviewing this book, I deferred to an expert in the field, so to speak.  Step forward Mrs Hughes, currently a resident on the Neon Mix Tape planet.

First the book.  Marvel veteran writer Paul Tobin tries to imbue the game with a some sort of back story.  The fact that the key to all the fuss is a futuristic metal butt doesn’t really sell the book or impact my interest in the game.  Granted, this is an all ages book and everyone knows kids love a good butt joke, however there has got to be more to all this.  Over to Mrs Hughes:-

Reading the book I was disappointed that the book seemed aim just for kids, without thinking of the adults that love the games. The script tries to be funny with the nods to the future and the numerous spoiler alerts but that soon becomes annoying.

Artwork is by Jacob Chabot who has a style that suits the overall look of the book with enough recognisable characters and elements from the game.  Over to Mrs Hughes:-

There are some familiar characters from the game, I liked the image of the zombie killing pea throwers in particular.  But this was the highlight of cluttered laden panels.  The colors do add to the overall look as it matches the various levels and styles of the game.

Thank you Mrs Hughes.  As a comic book reader, I do get a little frustrated with the amount of tie-in books that seem to crop up.  I get that for some publishers, its a great way to claw some rack space engaging with an existing fan base.  But long gone are the days that Dark Horse need that sort of pull. Still, with the games having such a large following, a book that gets kids buying comic books can’t be all bad, right?

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