REVIEW: Poe Dameron #1

Written by Charles Soule, art by Phil Noto, published by Marvel

The opening scene is “the galaxies greatest pilot” maneuvering his ship into a deep brown cavern.   …

This is a comic about an X-Wing pilot doing a mission for Princess Leia, finds an egg worshiping cult and has to convince them to be his friend. It’s not exactly boring but it doesn’t set my pants on fire. It feels a bit by the numbers, the characters all walk on say their bit and exit stage left. BB-8’s dialogue at least feels natural….

The story is a set up to The Force Awakens, so we know how it all ends and everyone feels like they’re talking to the camera rather than anyone else in the comic. The art looks like it was carved rather than penciled and the “exciting” opening scene of Poe navigating a deep cavern lacks motion and energy and the climax is kinda week. A fight scene that takes place in-between the standing about and expositing only lasts a few panels but seems to be in slow motion. The technical stuff and likenesses from the films is nicely referenced, the rest of it has the whiff of “can’t be arsed”. Leia’s face moves more than it did the film at least.

To sum up, you’d need to really love a character named after an old English “convenience” to get much out of this. Google it.

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