REVIEW: Poe Dameron #15

Black squadron has lost one of their own, L’ulo, this death will be hard for the team. Loss is never easy but with the first order to take on they must cut their grief short and get to work.

Poe is in a meeting with Leia, she is worried about the resistance, they are losing contacts and losing people they can trust. They are almost out of fuel and they are almost out of people to get it from. The galactic underworld trade is not what it used to be. Traders are disappearing and the first order seems to be to blame. Poe will have to go on a solo mission to collect the last of the fuel he can from the last galactic underworlder left, Captain Perrili. Lea has set up the collect and it is their LAST HOPE ( see what I did there ?)

Poe tells his squad the mission and that he must go it alone, but do you think this stops his friends, not a chance you don’t run a mission without back up, especially after just losing one of your own.

Jump forward to Captain Perrili’s ship, she knows the drill, her crew (all 4 of them) have the authorization codes from the approaching ships, but something doesn’t feel right. It’s not like other job, it’s not the same plan, there is something not right. So she proceeds with caution. Unfortunately, this isn’t good enough and her ship is stormed (I could do this all day lol) by the First order.

We totally hate the first order just so you are all aware. They kill one of the crew and make sure Captain knows why. She cannot be allowed sell to the resistance, she cannot remove her responsibility from what happens with the goods she sells, she cannot be part of the problem. Even if she thinks she is a free person in a free galaxy. How wrong she was.

As Poe and his team drop out of hyperspace they see the ship is where its meant to be, the codes let them in and everything seems to be running as planned. But as you can probably guess this isn’t gonna last long. They all get to work, searching the ship, making sure what they need is there while Poe goes to the control room to get this ship and its cargo out of there.

As Poe begins to move the ship and attempt a jump to hyperspace the wonderful, amazing and super cute BB8 steps in and give him a little electroshock. Turns out the real hero of the show knows something and it’s not something they are gonna like.

The ship my friends is a bomb!!!!

What will our team do, how will they stop an explosion of epic proportions happening and where the hell can I get me a BB8. Find out more in this and upcoming issues

As you can probably tell I am a super Star Wars Fan and I love everything about this comic, the artwork is amazing and the images of Leia are perfect. It is a fitting tribute to a wonderful and talented woman.

Any fan will lose reading this and it also appeals to those new to the franchise! Rate: 5 out of 5

Poe Dameron #15, Book 3, Part 2
Writer: Charles Soule
Cover Artist: Phil Noto

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