REVIEW: Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker #2

Written by Tom DeLonge and Ben Kull
Illustrated by Djet
Cover art by Francisco Ruiz Velasco
Publisher: Magnetic Press

Jonas and Alan Anderson have recently discovered something a little disconcerting and also a tad life changing.  They have discovered the ability to lucid dream, creating a path to a Dream World full of color, life and a growing darkness that is looking to overwhelm not just the Dream World, but also our own.

Written by Tom DeLong and Ben Kull, the book is an interesting collection of ideas from other places. You got a little bit of The Matrix,  a little bit of Jumper wrapped in  Manga style artwork, which includes a very Teen Titans Go Starfire persona in Ayo.  The mix does sit well, allowing the strengths of the individual influences to create a stronger whole.  That isn’t to say the book is perfect.  The Anderson’s, at this part of their journey to Poet-doom, are somewhat wide-eyed ciphers who seem to stumble into their own adventure. The pair jump out and in which lets the writing duo get to the key points without having to worry too much about story structure.

The art is by Djet who seems to excel at angular styles.  When used in conjunction  with the Manga style means that the action is fast paced, and flows well, set up pieces also carry a certain vibe mainly due to camera angles which work against the angular figures to create an interesting visual juxtaposition. The colours in The book are equally bright and dark showing the extremes of the Dream World with the real world actually looking quite bleak in comparison.  This tone helps establish the mood ready for the cliff hanger in this second issue.

For me, the book was ok. I am one of the few how thinks that The Matrix isn’t as clever as the film makers try to make it.  This book reminds me of that.  As a new series, I am curious to see how certain storylines play out, but find the current pre-Poet naive stage of our heroes more than a tad faceless. That said the various hooks do attempt to grab various interest points.  If you have room in your life for another child-to-saviour of the world story, give it a try.

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