REVIEW: Popeye Classics #51

This is a reprinted collection from 1960. I don’t think that this really requires much explanation. If you’ve been alive  anytime during the last 75  years you know who Popeye and his gang of characters are. This is a collection of older comics brought back for the modern audience. There is a short story about Popeye fighting a giant, and then the sailor-man gets into with Bluto when the pair try to build a garden for Olive Oyl.

Since there is not much to say about this issue itself I thought that I might educate you with a short bio about Popeye.

Popeye’s first comic appearance was on January 17, 1929, less than a year after Superman’s debut. He was created by Elzie Crisler Segar.  His left eye is the eye that is missing. (I thought all this time that he was squinting!) His first animated short happened in 1933 and was created by Max Fleischer (also famous for the early Superman Cartoons) the cartoons were produced through 1957. Popeye was ranked #20 on the 50 greatest cartoon characters of all-time list by TV Guide.

Final thoughts I tip my hat to the sailor who got me to eat my spinach as a kid. Love him then and love him now. Toot-Toot!

Final Grade: 3 Stars

Popeye Classics #51
Story/Art: Bud Sagendorf
Reprints Issue #51 from Jan/Feb 1960
Publisher: IDW

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