REVIEW: Postal #10

Written by Bryan Hill, art by Isaac Goodhart, published by Top Cow/Image comics

Little town called Eden run by two people who took it over after the founder died, there’s a sociopath, a government agent and a young chap with what I can only assume is aspegers throw in some shady goings on and you have a comic that holds itself together so well I didn’t need the re-cap that wasn’t there anyway.

There’s clearly a lot going on in this comic but the level of clarity in the writing and straight forward story telling means you never feel bogged down, especially if you’ve taken enough painkillers to numb a sperm whale with toothache and you’re chilling to Kraftwerk. All the characters are so well defined, they all have a distinct voice and it really pings when the sociopath and the chap with aspergers meet up. They are clearly distant from what we think of as “normal” but it’s fascinating to read.

The art is strong, if a little wooden in places, though that never detracts from the story, in fact it outright helps in a couple of places, especially the aforementioned meeting. The line work is crisp and the pages, like the story, are never cluttered.

I really enjoyed this and will be getting the trade. Think I need to find a shit comic to get away from all this positivity.

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