REVIEW: Postal #15

Created by Matt Hawkins, written by Bryan Hill, art by Isaac Goodhart, published by Top Cow/Image

I’m not big on crime comics, probably comes from having lived in places where your grandmother’s getaway car gets stolen as she holds up the off licence, I like my escapism a bit lighter.

This could be used to hold the side of a navel aircraft carrier together, it was riveting.

Set in a haven for criminals called Eden, the aspergers post master helps the mayor run the town and keep a volatile mix of drug dealers, white supremacists and murderers under control.

I wasn’t one hundred percent on who the characters were or who to support but to be honest it didn’t matter, the situation was compelling the pace was perfect and the script went hand in hand with the visuals. There’s no excess bullshit, no great recitals that the writer just HAS to get out their system, the art doesn’t suddenly use a painted panel to express the true beauty of the morning sunrise, this is Eden and people have shit to do.

The characters feel layered and it’s up to the reader to pick which layer to stop digging at. These are not good people, but they are trying to make a town full of scum into a drinkable place to live.

If there’s one criticism I have it’s that I didn’t get a feel for the scale of Eden, but that might simply be down to the issue I read.

The post master is a truly well realised character, his aspergers is depicted perfectly and maybe the one truly sympathetic character in the book.

I feel I’ve reviewed this before I’d be curious to know what I thought of it if I did, because this is flat-out excellent.

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