REVIEW: Postal #20

Well the crows are coming home to roost in Eden, WY. After years of hiding criminals in her town, Laura Shiffron made a mistake by hiding an ex-white supremacist which lead to trouble with his former buddies. Now her grip on the town is loosening, just when she can’t afford it.

Her son, Mark, wants to go back to being the town postman, Her long thought dead husband turns out to be alive and leading a cult of religious zealots outside town. And her rival managed to escape from the caged she’s been locked away in for a long time.

Bryan Hill (Romulus, Eden’s Fall) and Isaac Goodhart (Witchblade, Artifacts) continue their impressive run on Postal and they manage to keep the stories fresh, if blood drenched. Which is tough in a small town of criminals where both coming and going are hard to manage. This new story arc looks like we might see a dramatic shakeup of the entire premise of the comic series.

I love the way Goodhart handles the outdoor scenes. They somehow manage to project a feeling of such wide openness that you think that people could just walk out of the town with no problem. At the same time there is a real and pervasive sense of claustrophobia, where that openness is just crushing down on all the town’s residents.

If you are curious about this book, this issue is a great one to jump on-board with. There are very few hanging threads from the last story and you only have to concentrate on four characters as you learn your way around the town.

Is time drawing nigh for this small town of XXX people? This story arc may signal the end of Eden or of Laura’s iron-fisted rule. There is only one way to find out for sure.

Writer: Bryan Hill
Artist: Isaac Goodhart
Color: K. Michael Russell
Publisher: Top Cow/Image

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