REVIEW: Postal #7

Story: Bryan Hill & Matt Hawkins
Art: Isaac Goodhart
Colors: Betsy Gonia
Publisher: Image
Release Date: 9/30/2015

The good folks of Eden return this week in Postal #7 from Image Comics. The issue opens with Mark receiving a suspicious letter from his father, and then quickly switches to the rest of the cast. It’s time for the annual barn brawl and Curtis, the one handed former boxer enlists Mark’s help in finding a way for him to defeat last year’s winner. Mark agrees to help in exchange for Curtis helping him with an odd request. As the fight approaches, both sides live up to their word and give the other what they want. The barn brawl is captured in this issue, however Mark does not attend brawl, but appears to get himself into a whole other world of trouble as the issue ends.

While Mark was still present in this issue, Postal #7 pays more attention to the supporting cast. Writers Bryan Hill & Matt Hawkins add a little depth to some other residents of Eden, which definitely adds appeal to this story. Hopefully they continue to get more people involved in the story and can keep building this world. Isaac Goodhart continues on art, and does a good job pushing the story along. The barn brawl is well illustrated, and most still shots are technically sound. I’m not the biggest fan of how this title is colored, but I have seen far worse.

Final Verdict: Much like the overall series, I think this issue is going to be hit or miss. If you’ve enjoyed this title so far, you will probably enjoy the issue. Neither the story or art really called out to me this issue, but it did enough to keep me cautiously intrigued in the next installment.


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