REVIEW: Power Man and Iron Fist #14

You know when your hopes are high but half way through something you simply loose all interest, skip to the end which is actually very cool? Well that’s what I did. Tried three times to read this but between tedious dialogue and artwork that looks like meds were neglected it’s just impossible.

Super magic zombie drug on the streets our badly drawn heroes do some stuff with a cool new character, a chubby Mexican magician and then I start zoning out. I went through it and the art doesn’t get better, muddy pencils, rough inks and piss poor design consistency… seriously Night Nurse goesd through two hairstyles before becoming John Merrick… The tragedy is the actual story telling is bloody good, there’s a lot of thought gone into the panel to panel flow, it’s just unfortunate that the flow is sewage.

So yeah, boring and badly drawn, this was a disappointment. 0.2/5

Written by David F. Walker, art by Sanford Greene, published by Marvel

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