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This is Dodgy in the mix bringing you Power Rangers Aftershock by Ryan Parrott with art by Lucas Werneck, Robert Carey and Joana LaFuente with letters by Jim Campbell. Proudly published by Boom! Studios and partnered with Saban Brands.

The events in this book immediately span from the aftermaths that happened in the Power Rangers movie, in cinemas now. I’d suggest not reading this until you’ve seen the movie first.

The city is in utmost disarray since the great fight, the law enforcement are working overtime to keep order for the residences exiled from their homes and emergency service workers who are treating the injured. Meanwhile, the Rangers are continuously trying to get a grip of their powers and responsibilities – more importantly, can they work as a team?
The notably impacted Ranger, Red Ranger as he’s struggling with the responsibility of leading the team.

There is a hardcore duo out there who care capable of causing destruction everywhere they roam, this brother and sister tandem have turned out to be the ultimate handful for the Power Rangers to muster. Can they put their differences aside before the entire city is wiped out? Read it to find out!

The plot is well laid out and it is easy to follow; I also appreciate the dialogue, it shows true human emotions as these characters appear to have come from tough times – unlike the warm bubbly feel from the TV Show. The action in this book is very hit and miss, I do like some of the action – it didn’t make me feel overly excited. I do like the art, however I don’t think it suits a superhero book.

The back-up story of The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers by Kyle Higgins with art by Hendry Prasetya and Matt Merms. Letters by Ed Dukeshire. For me this is a blast from the past and sent me back to circa 1994, I enjoyed the similarities to the TV show that Prasetya and Merms provided (just better!), I a bit older when this show came out and only watched it because of my younger brother and his friends were glued to the box. If you deliberately missed out of the previous run by Boom! (Like I did) – well you will be pleasantly surprised. The way the story is written it resonates the new Archie books as it is A-Day-In-The-Life-Of a teenager feel, which worked and if you enjoy Archie you will absolutely love this.

Think of it like this… The Power Rangers has a much darker tone, the characters are heavily flawed. The MMPR is for those who need something lighter and fun. Therefore, you get 2 great stories to enjoy. Most of all, what I did enjoy was this is NOT an origin story.

If you wanna give The Power Rangers a chance and you’ve seen the movie and want to read the story based on your childhood, this is 100 pages of goodness! Do ya’self a favor and check it out!

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