REVIEW: PowerPuff Girls #1

It’s good to see the Powerpuff Girls after all these years. They’ve been around for a while now and it’s good to see them in comic form. I like the idea of their small goofy adventures for kids and people who grew up with them who are now probably teenagers and adults. Powerpuff Girls #1 Time Tie is all the ingredients you need to make a good comic adventure for the tiny but powerful girls. Although in this issue we only see Blossom, it still delivers a funny story with some wild west action. Written by Haley Mancini and Jake Goldman. They keep to the show style though writing a fun adventure with funny side characters and a classic western style story. It felt like I was watching an episode. Art by Philip Murphy looked just like the show from the start of the cartoon all those years ago. I’m glad they kept it in the original style. I know they have done some revamping and gave the girls a makeover but we all know they never needed one. Who needs fingers and toes anyway!

In issue one we find Blossom catching a train. She’s stuck in the old west. At least she found some old west duds including a hat. She makes the train and then runs into a fellow who she begins to tell how she got there in the first place (no time paradoxes here). Apparently in the future or uh now, the Powerpuff girls are at a news year eve ball drop when Mojo Jojo (my favorite bad guy in the show.) drops the ball on the party. He then sends the girls randomly through time with his tie time. That’s right a tie that has time travel capabilities. I want one! Anywho, with Blossom sent to the wild west, we the readers are left to ponder where Bubbles and Buttercup were sent off to. I hope Buttercup goes to medieval times and Bubbles to ancient Greece.

Blossom goes through a wild time in the wild west as she saves the day Powerpuff style. Saves a train, stops a robbery and maybe names the town of Townsville accidentally of course. I hope we see the notorious robber Sliced Bread in future issues as he was only mentioned through posters and conversations. Written on an autographed wanted poster “To my number one fan, give me all your money.” Must be a nice guy. It’s small things like this that made the cartoon great. It’s good to see the Powerpuff Girls still fighting bad guys, giant monsters and evil confusing villains. Sugar, spice and four out of five stars!

(W) Haley Mancini, Jake Goldman (A/CA) Philip Murphy

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