Review : Prez # 1

STORY BY: Mark Russell
ART BY: Ben Caldwell

G’Day Brothers & Sisters,

It’s time again for Dodgy86 to be back in the mix, bringing you another comic review… The Boy from OZ brings you Prez # 1 by Mark Russell with art by Ben Caldwell.

I did not expect this to be delivered by DC, I expected a book like this to be delivered by image or other indie publishers. This is a pleasant surprise.

Imagine in the future a future leader can be voted as simply as clicking “Like” on Twitter or Facebook? And it really means something.

The story evolves around a young girl’s whose video goes viral, does she have a chance to be President? Suggestion is read the next issue!

Well written piece by Russell and beautifully crafted by Caldwell and the pacing is like that of a TV drama and is easy to follow considering it’s very intelligent. What is detailed in the story, it shows the dependencies of social media in a world that has forgotten common sense. How many hits means more than credibility!

I strongly recommend this! And don’t forget to Like my page (C.A.Ex) on Facebook or Follow me (Dodgy86) on Twitter! Who knows, I could be president one day!

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