REVIEW: Princeless: Make Yourself #0

Written by  Jeremy Whitley 
Art by Alex Smith
Lettered by Emily Spura
Published by Action Labs 

A young princess named Adrienne is not your average princess. She considers herself to be more like a tomboy than a lady she even has her own pet dragon. She does not consider herself to be a girly girl princess because she does not consider herself pretty especially when it comes to her hair. All her life her hair has been a problem. Always kinky and fuzzy it would get into knots everyday all day long and it would drive her mother nuts trying to get those knots out. Even sending her to the salon with her sister to have the professionals take out the knots was a nightmare. She envied her sister who seemed to always have effortless perfect hair. The story is about a young girl who is going through a transformation. She is finding out who she really is and molding herself to become that.

If you have ever felt down about yourself, felt awkward about your appearance or just hated the way you looked then this story is for you. It’s The Ugly Duckling meets Disney’s Brave. The artwork is very well done and the story is well written. It is a comic book that is appropriate for all ages and rightfully so because it teaches you a lesson about taking control of your own freedom and your own life and never be ashamed of just being who you are.

My only wish for this story was I wish that it was longer. I would have liked to see how the family and the public would have reacted to Adrienne’s transformation and what new adventures and experiences would have presented themselves. Who knows maybe this story could have had a touch of Cinderella thrown so Adrienne could have met her Prince Charming.

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