Review : Project Homeland # 0

G’day Patriots!

This is Dodgy86 back in the mix, with another comic review of Homeland # 0 by Written By: J. Scott Webb, Stephen Hammed, Tony Kittrell, Art By: Austin Brooks, Bart Sears, Martin Blanco, Oliver Tria, Ominous Studios, Rachel LaChance, Shawn DePasquale, Publisher: Advent Comics

Merely days after the Demon War, global tension is at an all time high and the White House is at an unrest. The pressure the U.S President is now under he is getting little to no rest, with the support of his staff a resistance plan is on the cards which involves enlisting a new team of super heroes to secure world peace. Who are these new recruits?

The backup story involves a hero of a different kind, a retired fire fighter who’s guilt consumed him when he lost his brothers in the tragic 9/11 attack. Through training and discipline he becomes a superhero.

This opening of scene in this story in The White House, this reminded me of an episode of Madame Secretary or The West Wing with the intelligent dialogue you’d expect would happen in the White House.. I’m from Australia and I believe it!

In this book, it only tells the origin story of one member of Project Homeland which does not over-consume the story but does it justice. Don’t forget crooked ambitions of the evil Reaper, Sanction and Gore whom I’d assume is the main villain.

Okay Patriots! this book has potential, do ya’self a favor and check it out!

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