Written by Jeremy Robinson
Art by Matt Frank
Publisher: American Gothic Press

This book, from American Gothic Press, is an odd one to read.  In part its a Kaiju book, a X-File book with a little bit of Alien and Twin Peaks thrown in for good measure.  If you think that’s a lot for a first issue, you would be dead right.

The book jumps from the past to present following the discoveries of Katsu Endo and the searches of Agent Jon Hudson. How the two intersect will have to wait for later issues, but for now, both are on their path to either success or oblivion.

Jeremy Robinson is the creator / writer on the book who clearly has plans for all involved.  Dialogue and situational wise there is the low-level of institutional intolerance that tends to surface when different cultures clash, whether it is different nationalities or big time agent and small town cops.  As this type of thing is seen in other media, it is easy to accept here in this book, however it is not the main focus of the book.

Art is by Matt Frank who shows a style that borders on a cartoon style that seems to skew perspective of body size in favour of larger heads.  Where Frank does succeed is the structure  of the panels per page, which varies throughout the book yet still manages to set a pace for the reader.

Overall, with so many things going on, its hard to get a real feel for the book.  Is it a monster book? An X-Files book? An everything book?  For me, I am not a fan of this type of book.  That said, the quality of the product from American Gothic Press is hard it ignore for fans of the various genres on show.

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