REVIEW: Project Shadow Breed #1: A New Breed of Hero

The world of indie comics has a lot of material to choose from. Some books are really good, while some are not so good. Project Shadow Breed #1 by Dim Throat Comics is one of the good ones.  The story by Justin Bartz starts out in the midst of the action and remains there pretty much throughout the issue. The book centers around Marrok, a vigilante who just happens to be a werewolf, and his companion and partner in crime referred to only as “the old man”.

While I could have used a little more backstory on our main characters, the story was easy to follow and had some great banter between Marrok and the old man.  I am sure the answers as to how Marrok became a werewolf and how he and the old man came to work together are coming in future issues. We do get a little background on the world in which the story takes place. A company called SinTech (you really have no choice but to be an “evil” corporation with a name like that) has developed a way to create werewolves for the government. Marrok would appear to have been a test subject, possibly an escaped one. However he came to acquire his canine attributes he genuinely seems to want to make a difference and help people in his city.

The art of Stefani Magicianshouse adds a lot of depth and character to the world of Project Shadow Breed.  There are some times where characters poses or stances seem a little awkward, but overall the art is really good.  Marrok’s costume works because it’s not really a costume.  It’s design is functional and looks pretty cool. I like that they downplay the werewolf aspect of Marrok by covering his face.

The lettering by Justin Birch was consistent and showed promise. I’m curious what his lettering will look like once his style is more honed and refined.

The issue leaves us with a cliffhanger as our heroes seem to have stumbled onto something truly gruesome. They open the back of a truck to find it filled with bodies that look to have been tossed onto meat hooks. While the issue left me with a lot of questions, it did catch my interest enough to get me to want to read more to learn those answers.

I’ll be picking up Project Shadow Breed #2 and I recommend you pick up issue #1 for a fun entertaining read.

Story: 3.5
Art: 2.5

Overall Rating: 3

Author(s): Justin Bartz (Story/Script), Josh Schneider (Story)
Artist(s): Stefani Magianshouse, Justin Birch (Letters), Jeremy Ball (Design)
From DimThroat Comics

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