STORY BY: Warren Ellis
ART BY: Colton Worley
PUBLISHER: Dynamite Entertainment

I freaking love being scared shitless. Some people have rollercoasters. Some have really spicy food or coke; sex addictions or imagined borderline personality disorders. For those of us who are thrilled and titillated practically to the point of nervous system overload by terror, it is to you that I speak.

I was pretty pleased with the first two issues of this paranormal horror series “Blackcross”. It was creepily drawn, and seemed like the story was to be advanced by unsettling events that would eventually converge into a big horrifying stressful mess.

This third issue still fits in with that initial impression. I don’t know if this is a good thing. Perhaps I am too impatient for the pace of this story. I enjoy the read, and the art really shines in many instances (such as in a certain startlingly violent incident a few pages in…ugh so gruesomely cool!) but I don’t know if I’m supposed to know what’s going on. I am not knowledgeable in the field of demonology, so perhaps this is why I’m failing at wrapping my head around who or what is screwing with this dreary little town and why. And who this serial killer/paranormal entity stalking (?) this protagonist (?) across the country?

But does any ghost story make sense when you think about it?  It is a pretty good read and sometimes the reader is thrown these shockers, though. I just want so badly for something to scare the pants off me that I am willing to stick with this story in hopes of a terrifying payoff. Which I really hope is soon…

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