Writer: Dan Abnett, Artist: Andrea Mutti, Colorist: Rain Beredo, Published by Dark Horse

Imagine Jeffrey Dahma at a wedding cheerfully lined up at the buffet, plate in hand only to discover that “finger food” meant sausage rolls and chicken wings, that’s the sort of disappointment I felt when I watched Prometheus.

So I held my breath as I opened the fridge door on this likewise titled comic and found I’d eaten the contents before I’d realised they were in fact delicious spicy chicken wings. Prometheus takes all the Fox space monsters, Aliens, Predators and the Engineers and puts them in a universe that is actually worth reading. It does it so causally that it feels natural all these things just being together and makes you want to know more about this obviously deep and rich story setting. The characters are a little stiff but they still feel formed and real, and there’s a palpeble sense of desperation in their situation. The script is well paced and uses future speak naturally rather than with a nod and a wink “hey look aren’t we clever using SciFi speak, huh? Huh?”

The art is simple but not to say bad. It works on every level, Aliens look Alien-y, Predators look predatory and Engineers just look relieved not to be in a Ridley Scott film. Facial expressions are great, tech looks good and the atmosphere is what you need in a comic about survival on an alien world.  It captures the feel of the films well, there’s one scene with a face hugger and let’s just say the last time I squirmed like that was when someone sat on my face for too long.

It’s the kind of comic that makes you think the film was based on it not the other way around.


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