REVIEW: Prophet: Strikefile #2

Story: Brandon Graham and Simon Roy
Art: Various
Letters: Ed Brisson
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: 11/26/2014

Among this week’s releases from Image Comics comes Prophet: Strikefile #2 from writers Brandon Graham and Simon Roy.  Titled “ A history of the Nucleus”, issue #2 gives you exactly what it advertises.  Half of the issue follows the formation of “The Nucleus”, a power catalyst of life.  We see how it came to be, it’s journey through multiple dimensions, and the evolution of life that it spawns in its wake. The second half of the issue is a series of one page summaries of each of the species created or affected by the nucleus. Screenshot_2014-11-25-14-14-28

The dialogue moves fast and is very involved.  The art in this issue is wonderfully odd.  A variety of artists Provide the pencils, but we are treated to a very special guest appearance from Prophet creator Rob Liefeld.  With each page that you view, you will wonder what you are looking at, while at the same time appreciating the details each artist contributed to the book.

Final Verdict: If you are an existing fan of the Prophet universe, and enjoyed the first issue of Prophet: Strikefile, give this one a spin. There is a lot of information and backstory provided in this issue for the inhabitants of the Prophet universe. Unfortunately, I can’t recommend this as a jumping in point for new readers.  As fun as the art is in this issue, it doesn’t make up for task of having to try and decipher the dialogue being presented.  I read this issue 3 times over, and still felt as though I didn’t have a full grasp of everything going on.  It’s all a bit much for a new reader to take in.

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