Review: Punchline #2

What makes a great hero origin story?  Is it personal loss?  Is it some sort of personal growth? An accident of some kind? Or, could it be a late night Christmas Eve conversation on a cold, never warming bench with a mysterious woman bleeding out and a young woman looking to escape the usual holiday family drama?

The latter is the modus operandi as this second issue from writer Bill Williams and artist Matthew Weldon builds on the meeting between the know everything Mel and the know nothing Jessie.  It’s training time as Mel’s powers wans, Jessie gets stronger and she is sent out into the dark winter night to find some crime to stop as Versema!

Co-creator and writer Bill Williams has crafted a simple tale wrapped in a couple of enigma’s of both lead characters.  The obvious lack of information is certainly Mel’s past; who shot her. Why is she losing her powers? What is her big plan for Jessie?  All these questions fade into the background with the interaction between the powered Mel and almost powered Jessie.  It’s a fun story with enough smart mouth dialogue to make it enjoyable without falling into cliché.  Jessie, overwhelmed by the gifts that she is getting, seems oblivious to some of the more condescending parts of her conversations with Mel.  It makes you wonder what Jessie has got going on in her own life that she grabs onto her powers like a lifeline.

Artist and fellow co-creator Matthew Weldon provides a very substantial piece of work across both issues.  The quality of work is outstanding, with an Adam Hughes vibe certainly evident.  I am not sure why Weldon’s work has not been seen in more prominent books.  It may be that the Hughes like elements are detracting, but I am sure that Weldon isn’t the only artist that lets his influences possibly getting the better of him. More pages on more books would give Weldon the time to move into his own style.  As it is, the elegant simple lines makes for an attractive book, with strong page designs, panels that move the story along and solid camera work.  Weldon is helped by a strong colouring job by Tiago Barsa whose work rivals anything that you will see on the rack.

A simple, at this point, story with enjoyable characters, strong dialogue that looks great.  Seriously, what more do you want in a superhero book?

Writing – 5 Stars
Art – 5 Stars
Colors – 5 Stars

Written by; Bill Williams
Art & Inks by; Matthew Weldon
Colors by; Tiago Barsa

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