REVIEW: Punisher #12

Do you like action? Yes. Do you like single hand to hand bloody combat? Yes. Do you like guns and smoking barrels? YES!!! Then read Punisher number 12!! Yes to all! I’m a long time Punisher fan who’s always checking in on Frank. It’s been a while and Punisher number 12 didn’t leave me hanging. Frank is still doing what he does best in the most violent ways. Written by Becky Cloonan, she’s made sure not to slow Frank down. She keeping him on his toes. Artists Matt Horak and color artists Frank Martin bathe the Punisher in blood and excellent scenery! What more could Frank ask for? In Punisher number 12 we catch up with Frank to see how he’s doing.

The comic opens up to a brawl up on top of an iceberg. Action right off the bat, classic Punisher tradition. The Punisher is doing what he does best. Hunting killers. This time he’s been chasing a mercenary group known as Condor. He’s down to one of the top goons. This hand to hand fight scene from panel to panel and page to page zapped me instantly into the story. One thing about Punisher is that any issue is a jumping on point. The Punisher is not a complex guy. He lived through some hell, lost his family and now doing what he thinks is right no matter how wrong the world might view his methods. The Punisher to me is a character that defines human nature to the very bone. He walks the line that very well may damn his soul forever.

In issue 12 we see some rare restraint from Frank which is refreshing. I know he’s on this vendetta to punish the wicked but it’s nice to see he’s not just a ruthless killer. That’s the line as readers we see. Is he a killer? Well yes, but he only kills people who kill or ruin the lives of others. Still it’s nice to see him let the law handle one from time to time.

The backdrops in this comic are stunning as well as a fast pace action that keeps those pretty pages turning. Punisher number 12 keeps our favorite vigilante doing what he does best. Guns blazing? Check. Knife fight? Check? Bad guy going down? Read and see readers. If you’re a fan of the Punisher you won’t be disappointed. Punisher #12 gets four out of five stars!

(W) Becky Cloonan (A) Matt Horak (CA) Declan Shalvey

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