REVIEW: Punisher #20: Last Days


STORY BY  Nathan Edmondson
ART BY Mitch Gerads

Out With A Bang

Last Days of the Punisher is the end of Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads run with Frank Castle that started back in Febuary 2014.  Tying up the loose ends from the previous issue.  Frank is a one man wrecking crew in a Terrorist compound for the Black dawn fighters.

This issue is pretty much exactly what you want in a Punisher Issue. Crammed cover to cover with bullets, blood, bodies, and explosions.  With the events of Marvels summer blockbuster guiding this series, and many others to their end, there is no time for plot twist or development (Literally! The Incursion is coming!)

Gerads gritty art complements this book well, as the violence seems pretty heavy for a Marvel book, while Mitch’s use of visuals to tell a narrative with little dialogue really hits the mark.  They both do a great job showing the reader that in a land of Asgardians and Super solders, Frank Castle is really just a man.

My only complaint is this final tale of everyone’s favorite 616 trigger happy vigilante doesn’t line up with John Hickman’s scene stealing send off to The Punisher in Secret Wars #1, but we’ll place the blame for that on the top brass at marvel.  They don’t seem to care much for continuity these days.

 Punisher #20 reads more like an old Captain America issue from the 40’s, but modernized. Just replace the Nazis with ISIS. I can see this issue being passed around a Barracks overseas as a Marines unit straps on their punisher Kevlar, Oorah.  And in the end, I think that’s how Frank Castle would have wanted to go out.

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