REVIEW: Puppet Master #20

Having not read Puppet Master since issue 8 I will admit I was a little lost in this story especially with it being part two of a four-part story and having no recap page to catch me up. With that in mind it’s hard to fairly rate this issue on the overall story, so fairly or not this is what I will say about this issue alone.

Let’s start with the cover, clean crisp lines and darker colour tones makes a rather nice cover that fits the overall book really well. The art inside is just as nice with a little less detail on faces but still easily enjoyable. The story about a small group of people planning to transfer their souls into ever-living, life-size wooden dolls is interesting and creepy. With the name of this book bringing back memories of the old horror movies this does not feel like a horror story but more of an action adventure style comic. That’s not to say it’s a bad thing it’s just not what you would expect from a book of a horror movie.

Overall it kept my interest for the length of the book which is what you want from anything you read. Had I read the last issue as well I have no doubt this book would be a five-star book but with this being the only issue I have it drops a star. Great art and a well written story make this a solid four stars.

Written by Shawn Gabborin
Art by Marco David Carillo
Colours by Yann Perrelet
Punished by Action Lab
Reviewed by Dawn of Comics

Do you agree with my review or think I couldn’t be more wrong?
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