Review: Quantum and Woody #1

Quantum and Woody, returns with a new powers, new villains, and perhaps a new mission.

Quantum and Woody meet a new villain, a giant brain that’s also an evil scientist: Doctor Toilet. “Dr. Toilet (pronounced “Twa-lay”)a parasitic monster, and his cohorts the Krammerjager Family.  Quantum and Woody, fugitives from justice, are following the clues from Woody’s new powers of fortune-telling that leads them on a path of an ambiguous prophecy that they believe will lead them to a life of fame and fortune.

As far as the narrative it all went so quick, at least quicker than I was expecting.  The villains were introduced, put into action, and dismissed all in one issue.  In  my opinion this could have been drawn out over two or at least three issues.

The interiors by Ryan Browne have been meticulously drawn.  There are a couple of splash pages that display how much love was put into this issue, but some of the hidden details that I am used to in quantum and Woody comics may have gone over my head.

Cool StuffA fully operational house that can fly and hover in the air.  The unveiling of a one piece Gangster costume that slips over another superhero costume, so that Quantum can go incognito is definitely a cosplay that I would mess with.

What’s ahead: In addition to a new villain, Quantum and Woody will at some point meet a possible new character, “The Apprehension”, who dons a robotic suit reminiscent of the Metroid, that as of right now hides his true identity.

With the BloodShot movie set to drop in March 13, 2020, This is the year that Valiant is definitely going to want to make sure their house is in order, as a lot of eyes will be on them, looking for any other marketable properties that it has in its holdings.  Late last year, Valiant Entertainment has teamed with Blowfish Studios, to develop a slate of multi-platform video games featuring Bloodshoot and Ninjak and the popular characters from the company’s superhero universe.

Quantum & Woody Vol 5 #1, comes with 5 variant covers conveniently all offered at cover price: Cover A Regular David Nakayama Cover; Cover B Variant Dave Johnson ;
Cover C Variant David Lopez Cover; Cover D Variant Blank Cover; Cover E Variant Erica Henderson Pre-Order Edition. Even though Nakayama is one of my favorites, the play here may to go for the cover E since it does has Dr. Toilet on the cover.

SCORE: 3.8 out of 5 stars

Writer: Christopher Hastings
Artist: Ryan Browne
Colorist: Ruth Redmond
Letterer: Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou
Cover Artist: Various