REVIEW: Queen #1

Creator/Writer: Jaime Me
Art: Bernardinus Gita
Published: Self Published/Crowd Funded (Kickstarter)

The quiet corners of the night beckons Emily Green, who is suffering the decline of so much of her life that makes her, her.  On the cusp of more misery, a faceless force cajoles and coerces from a mobile phone.  But with every option there is a cost.

Emily Green is the deputy prime Minister, backing the current Conservative PM Daniel Camden against the onslaught of a plan to privatize the National Health Service (NHS).  In the midst of this, Emily is also suffering a lack of faith in the system and a lack of focus in her marriage.  With the delivery of a proverbial and literal Sword of Damocles, Emily is granted freedom that she didn’t think could exist, potentially exchanging her current imprisonment for another type of confinement.

Written by Jamie Me, this book is a bit of a mix of The West Wing politics, albeit the British version, without the humour, although the introduction of Emily’s son tries hard.  There is also a potential X-Files type of cabal, running the current PM out-of-town and attempting to put in their own proxy, in guise of actually helping the country.  The dialogue works, Emily sounding both depressed, frantic and then committed about her actions.  The voice on the phone is suitably mysterious.  Plot wise, there is enough going to make the reader care about Emily, Me using the always controversial topic of the NHS is going to grab some attention.

The art is supplied by Bernardinus Gita.  The look of the book seems quintessentially British somehow, maybe its the staid approach to the panels or it could be the lack of dynamism, but as this is a more sedate affair than other books.  As such, the art is satisfactory, like walking and getting to the destination, rather than breaking out in a sprint.

The book is an enjoyable read, with the mysterious elements adding some texture, some further murkiness to the reported dirtiness of doing business in the political world.

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