REVIEW: R: IL Persona Vol. 1

Writer: The Starlight City Project
Artists: JM Valenzuela and Ludwig Sacramento
$13.99 – Available January 2016 Starlight City Entertainment

We have all been there.  One too many drinks on a night out, the wearing of beer goggles and you wake up with a case of what happened?, a headache and a “who the hell is that?” moment.

Whilst not quite the scene that greets Rade upon waking up, nevertheless he is suffering from similar inflections regardless that alcohol may not be the reason.  And who is the dead woman?

Volume one of this series from The Starlight City Project includes chapters one and two along with a bonus section.  Throughout the book we are playing catch up as much as Rade is, discovering things at the same time.  Of course, this allows the writers to confuse our perceptions by overlaying them with Rade’s which is a great way to drop a surprise or two down the line.

The art is by Studio GFX and is a kind of mixed affair.  Facially there is a certain style in play.  However, when it comes to positioning of bodies and posing of characters throughout the panels and pages it alters to something a little less stylish and more basic.  The action shown does feel a little cartoony in places.  The book for the most part has a monochrome scheme, with some pages in full color contrasting the majority of the book.

The script has its funny moments.  Maybe that’s too strong.  The book has humorous moments, which may not be laugh out funny but the reader can’t surely disagree with Rade’s assessment if Strykes.  Also towards the end of the book is a handy who is who and also information about the bio-armour which is a major part of the story.

The book isn’t really my cup of tea, but I can see how it will appeal to others.  One of the things that does bug me is the lack of individual creator tags.  Being written and created by The Starlight City Project doesn’t really carry a lot of weight for me, especially with its cartoon overtures, I am reminded of writing groups such as Man of Action.  This volume certainly whets the appetite, which hopefully future volumes will sate.

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