REVIEW: Ragnarok #8

SHHH! Hold on a second! Did you hear that? What do you mean you didn’t hear that? It was like a rumbling sound…like an explosion…except, it sounded really, really far away. SHHH! Be quiet please! I’m trying to listen! Wait! There it goes again! It sounded a lot closer this time…that has to be thunder! Did you see that flash of lightning? My eyes are hurting from the brightness…wait a minute…that’s weird…now it sounds like something’s whistling in the air…it sounds like something’s moving really fast…

Behold Crusaders! The legendary mystic mallet, wielded with honorable purpose by the God of Thunder, takes flight once more in absolute defiance of the unwanted supremacy of the Aesir’s eternal enemies. Firm on defending the dismal vestiges of Asgard at all costs, the Son of Odin is faced with insuperable odds in this issue against the countless hordes of fiery demons brought forth by Muspelheim’s fearsome lord and treacherous master, Surtr. The unparalleled determination of Asgard’s beloved son to avenge the death of his kin, knows no boundaries – no matter what the circumstances are. As such, the Prince of Asgard heads into battle, effortlessly tossing his enchanted hammer into the Asgardian sky and then watching it split the air in half as it descends upon his adversaries with an indescribable amount of sheer power and naked savagery that even the greatest of warriors would pause in admiration…

Speaking of admiration, RagnarȌk simply put, is the story of a legend, written and drawn by another legend – Walter Simonson. As I mentioned in my last RagnarȌk review, there is none other than Walter Simonson who’s able to impart their knowledge on the subject of Norse mythology like he can. Although RagnarȌk #8 is not necessarily an issue that serves as a good jumping on point, I would still highly recommended picking up this issue, solely because it undoubtedly contains some of the best battle sequences that I’ve seen in one single comic book in quite some time. From the very first panel, down to the last, the action in this issue was enough for me to experience a pure rush of adrenaline.

If you want to read a Thor book done right, then look no further. RagnarȌk is an extremely strong and powerful book that contains a great story along with dazzling art that jumps right at you. RagnarȌk receives my highest of recommendations.

Until next time Crusaders!

RagnarȌk #8
Writer & Artist: Walter Simonson
Colors: Laura Martin
Published by Idea and Design Works, LLC.

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