REVIEW: Rai #11

Written by MATT KINDT

Oh dear.  Things in 4001 don’t seem to be going well. Rebel hero Rai has been exiled to Earth, weak and powerless, whilst his fellow rebels struggle to fight on against Father.  This punishment may not quite work out the way Father expected, as Rai discovers that the planet isn’t as advertised by the totalitarian New Japan regime.  As he gathers his strength, Rai hears the rumors of a warrior eternal and resolves to find him despite the fact that he be either a greater help or a greater threat.

Matt Kindt steps away from traditional super heroes with this very distinct book.  There is definitely a Matrix feel to proceedings if not storywise, it’s there in the world of New Japan and in the contrast of Earth.  Kindt seems to be channelling the feudal era of Japan for his Earth of 4001.  The dialogue is as you would expect with an ensemble book.  There is the usual mix of archetypes in play.

Clayton Cain supplies the artwork for this futuristic world, with more than a swath of style.  New Japan is awash with technology as much as Earth seems to be more of a mixed past and future affair, with large open land areas and flying machines.  Cain is also responsible for the fantastic colors  throughout the whole book.  Looking at the book, you get the sense of an overbearing Father with the darker  color scheme which is again, contrasted brilliantly with the pastel colors used for Earth.

The book is an intriguing look at the future.  As Geomancers are involved, I suppose it was only a matter of time before one of the brother three got brought into the book.  That said, the warrior sought by Rai is not the only surprise that he encounters.  Kindt is flexing his creative muscles with this book, which is a very different from his other Valiant book, Ninjak.  That said, a new world  may not suit everyone and a level of perseverance may be required as there doesn’t seem to ber a natural jumping on point.  Still, the reward may be worth the effort.

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