Advance Review: Rai #4


RAI #4 (Valiant First) A $3.99 Comic, 32 Pages Rated T+ Written by Matt Kindt Art and cover by Clayton Crain

REVIEW Matt Kindt and Clayton Crain explore the true origins of Rai in this utterly stunning issue from Valiant Comics. Kindt takes a great deal of time in this issue exploring the ramifications for Rai from the knowledge that he is the tenth in a long line of ‘Rai’s’ all of whom when previously confronted with their humanity were unable to fulfill their duties as the protector of Japan. One of the things that Kindt really brings out in this issue is the sense of confusion in Rai, you can tell that the character wants to both fulfill his duties as given to him by Father but, at the same time break free of his programming and forge his own path; of course Father has his own designs also. I won’t spoil much about this issue as it is fantastic with a few twists and turns, whilst the final page reveal is fairly predictable it is more about the journey in this instance and how our hero comes to that conclusion more to the conclusion itself. The art from Clayton Crain is stunning to behold, some criticism can be labelled at a couple of the panels as the characters seem a little stiff, especially in scenes when they are conversing however, overall this is fantastic art. Kindt’s script allows Crain to show his range as this book does not take solely in a futuristic cityscape even though these art beautifully designed and look very unique and the reader will sit and take in the backgrounds as much as the designs on the characters themselves, particular attention should be paid to Rai, Silk and Spylocke the character designs are just stunning and the level of detail on these characters is amazing. Rai 4 is a great issue, Kindt sets up his next arc whilst bringing the opening arc to satisfying conclusion giving readers a further glimpse into the motivations of our main cast of characters in this futuristic thriller. 4/5 081814_2306_Artifacts382.jpg By Matt Deery Follow Me on Twitter: @brujah69ad 

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