REVIEW: Rai #9

Writer – Matt Kindt
Art – Clayton Crain
Letters – Dave Lanphear

Let’s judge this book by its cover…It’s beautiful dark and sinister looking. It has a canvas paired look to it.

The facts are these… It’s the year 4001 and New Japan is the leading works power with its ruler Known as Father. It’s been a thousand years since the last murder so Father sends out his half human half robot champion Rai to stop the terrorists. After seeing the world and its people Rai now see’s that Father is not the ruler they need when he meets Spylocke and Lula. Rai fell in love with Momo and father created a new more powerful Rai called Rai XI who defeated Rai and throw him out of new Japan to die on the death earth below.

Now if you’re sitting comfortably we can begin… Lula is being chased by law enforces before escaping and going up with her friends one if which Karana has the power to feel and control the earth. Karana was Fathers prisoner for years before Luka saved her. The friends are found by the enforces and flee before they’re captured.

We then get a classic cartoon of Spylocke doing his James Bond thing Turns out the real Spylocke is being held by father for information on the insurgents. The top news caster is taking a break when he is attacked and murdered by the creature Izak to send a message. Momo daydreams of her and Rai when Izak lets her know her massage has been sent as the enforces arrive and arrest them both. Rai wakes up inside a giant bug like creature down on old earth. Realizing the planet is not poisonous or dead as Father has been telling everyone he is jumped by guys in armour and taken for parts. To be continued.

This is not an easy book to jump into. I was vet aware that I was behind. The art made it worth reading it all. If not for that I would have stopped. From what I could get of the overall story it reminded me of Astro Boy the movie. It’s not a bad idea it’s just not a book to dip into.

That’ll leave a mark…The murder happens off panel but the final page violence is very graphic but well done.

The Good, the Bad and the Star rating.
The Good – Art is stunning. The idea is solid.
The Bad – The story is hard to follow and reading this book felt like a chore.
The Stars – It’s only a 2 star book to me.

Do you agree with my review? Comment below or find me on Twitter @DawnOfComics and let me know what you thought of this book.

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