ADVANCE REVIEW: Ramlock Investigates # 1

G’Day Comic Fans,

This is Dodgy86 back into the mixing bringing ewe another comic review, Today I bring you Ramlock Investigates # 1 by Mike Sambrook, Rob Jones with art by Drew Bristow.

For Ewan the Sheep it’s just like any other day.. You wake up and open the curtains and breath in the morning air and …. he’s been sheared!! In a desperate plea, like any law abiding Sheep would do.. is call the cops!

There is only one man.. err Goat for the job! And that goat is Detective Ramlock along with his trusted sidekick Detective Pigling (and yes, he is a pig!) as they are summoned to solve this case and find the whereabouts of this missing fleece. The investigation does become deeper for the duo, when they along with their boss Di Le Dog interview a bank manager for a potential break and enter. Clues start to compile and the plot thickens, will our heroes solve the case in time? Just read it to find out!

The overall story has potential, with a few hits it will have some misses…

This crime story with a difference has the means of a true ‘who done it?’ with clues coming up in front of us. The action scenes were pretty cool and funny, and not to forget the character designs look great and time will come with the depth of character developments. The art by Mr. Drewvis is a treat to the eye, he keeps the characters looking cartoony as well as consistent. Even with cute animals, kids can read this as it’s an all ages book!! Based on the back pages of this book, I can see the love and passion Sambrook/Jones have put into their story and their characters!

I can assume Ramlock is designed not to be the sharpest tool in the tool box! He is the title character in this book, he appeared to be more like a sidekick for Pigling who I thought is the superior character. The clumsiness makes Ramlock rather annoying at times (this slapstick humour would best suit TV) and I feel he needs to behave more like a detective. Ramlock need to be like ‘Holmes to Watson’ to Pigling and release his crime solving genius in order to shine. This is the first issue hopefully moving forward we will see further development.

This is an indie comic which is suitable for children and I can’t wait to fill in the colouring book page!
As mentioned before, the title character is questionable but the story has hear and I want to read more, Do Ya’self a favour and check it out!

‘Dynamic Poses!’

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