REVIEW: Rapid Eye #2

Just over a year ago, we were introduced to Eddie Phillips. A CIA operative that was being hunted. The twist however is he was being hunted both in the real world and in the dream world. From the creative mind of Bobby Torres comes to next installment of Rapid Eye from Tenacious Comics.

First let me say that this book has a special place in my heart. Over a year ago, when I first started with the Undercover Capes Podcast Network, I had the distinct honor to interview Bobby on a special episode of Flipside Focus. This was my first interview with a special guest and the first time hosting a podcast. Needless to say I was nervous but it was a great experience talking about his book. Fast forward to the present, Rapid Eye #1 has done so well both with a successful Kickstarter campaign and the book being sold across the country that now we have the chance to continue this amazing story with issue #2. For that special interview and review of Rapid Eye #1, check out that here.

Fast forward a year, and like a dream come true Rapid Eye #2 will be coming. Bobby Torres and the rest of the team are back to continue the story of Eddie Phillips. Issue #2 brings us the where #1 left off of Eddie Phillips still being chased by the CIA in the real world, and the dream world.

Only this time, they’re taking their search to people who Eddie knows as a way to get to him. It makes sense, and it is a good tactic considering he’s been able to remain in hiding from them.

The concept of the book is absolutely amazing in the fact that when you fall asleep, that is when your mind then becomes subject to potential threats or attacks. Rapid eye does a great job in showing that even though your mind is vulnerable in this lucid state there is a short window to obtain the information needed before the intruder is discovered. You can imagine the options that are then placed before each person, and as we have seen thus far, that can be some very desperate decisions.

The artwork, much like the first issue is full of color, and to be quite honest is done in such a way that it is consistent throughout the book. Like most comic books from the Big 2, we often see pages within the books where the quality declines so that more attention is brought to the full splash pages. Not the case with Rapid Eye 1 and 2. In maintaining the artwork, we are able to enjoy the talent that is displayed while being immersed in the rich story. The action sequences are intense and really help in bringing you into the front row of the story.

Would I go as far as saying that issue #2 is better than the first? I would prefer to say that Issue #1 has set the stage and #2 enhances it that much more to jump into this deep story. That honestly has so much more room for twists and turns that you may not expect, which in my opinion makes the story that much better.

Now that Issue #2 has been fully funded, we can all enjoy this fantastic story and one I recommend should be a staple for any comic book fan.

Writers – Bobby Torres & Tony Rodriguez
Illustrator – Rowel Roque
Colorist – Ronson Edulan
Letterer / Designer – Dave Sharpe
Editors – Jack Gracia and Jason Bennett

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