REVIEW: Rasputin #5

Story: Alex Grecian
Art: Riley Rossmo
Colors: Ivan Plascencia
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: 2/25/25015

Among this week’s releases from Image Comics is Rasputin #5. This installment  has our titular  character being summoned to the battlefield to aid Tsar Nicholas, who has been severely injured. At his beside, Rasputin is introduced to an MI-6 agent who is providing counsel on the war. They briefly debate the effectiveness of war while he uses his healing powers to save the tsar. After departing  his new acquaintance, Rasputin tours the camp and is saddened by the suffering of his people. He decides he will attempt to use his powers to heal the entire camp at once, but his efforts  are cut short as the issue ends with a pretty huge cliffhanger.

Grecian & Rossmo deliver a fantastic issue with Rasputin #5.  The story is engaging and the art continues to be fantastic. The panels in which Rossmo displays Rasputin using his powers really stand out. The cliffhanger at the end of the issue is handled well, and gives you the “what’s next” feeling you would expect from a cliffhanger but don’t always get.


Final Verdict: I could recommend this book on the art alone, however you also get a well written story to go along with it. I couldn’t recommend this issue more.

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