REVIEW: Rat Queens #13

Written by Kurtis J. Wiebe, Art by Tess Fowler, Published by Image Comics

I’m fairly confident this would be terrific if had any idea what was going on. A woman with a beard goes to the pub, a young girls buys a rocket sled, someone else goes to a library with all the books there’s ever been and it’s all held together with a wit that pays gracious homage to Terry Pratchette. Everyone seems to have pointy ears as well.

I picked this because it’s one of the industry darling titles and I’ve never read it. Far from disappointed I was swept up in what seems like a vast fantasy world in which the characters all feel natural and fully realised. The problem came yet again from an indy creator’s resistance to a re-cap page, every issue is someone’s first.

The art is detailed but never muddies the page, all the “fantastic” elements have a casual feel, contributing to the idea that this world has been around for a long time and is an old hand at this swords and sorcery lark.

There’s enough intrigue to get me wondering what the big picture looks like, the characters are fun and if you’re already reading this comic my review isn’t worth a tin of home brand beans but if you’ve seen it on the shelf, heard good things about it and especially if you’re fond of fantasy give it a whirl.

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