REVIEW: Reborn #6

You should be reading at least one Mark Millar comic. Whether it’s an older one or a newer one. You should be reading at least one. Reborn is one of his most recent projects. This comic is like jumping out of a plane and stumbling upon a philosophy class on the way down. Issue six delivered on the goods. If you haven’t read Reborn go do it right now. I’ll wait. Okay great you’re back. Wasn’t that some crazy stuff?! It’s a beautiful book with a crazy story that will literally have you writing Mr. Millar for more. Pencils by legend Greg Capullo, inks by Jonathan Glapion and colors by Fco Plascencia. They put together an excellent detailed colorful landscape, epic detailed characters, and beautifully put together panels.

If you’re just hopping on this book at issue six know this. It’s the end of the story arc. I highly recommend going back and reading the previous five issues. Trust me they will fly by so savoir those issues. It’s a mighty fine story about a possible afterlife. Full of second chances, living in your prime, and reconnecting with lost love ones. Our main character is Bonnie. In issue one she’s an old lady who’s dying. When she passes she enters an afterlife that is a straight up fantasy world full of fairies, demons, trolls, and everything that a true fantasy fan would ever need. Need an example? Okay in issue six there’s a Dragon with a lion’s head followed by other dragons. How’s that?

When Bonnie wakes up in the afterlife world, she’s young again. Twenty-five to be exact. In her prime. Also she’s destined to be queen of this land. As she rekindles with lost love ones she hasn’t seen in years (including pets) she can’t seem to find her husband who was murdered before she died and arrived “reborn” in this strange new land. So she gears up with her dad and childhood dog who is now a large wolf and starts trekking across the over imaginative beautiful but deadly landscape. That’s really the great thing about this comic. The theory of becoming something so incredible in the afterlife that only your wildest dreams can chase. Being born again into a world that’s heaven like but comes with an epic adventure.

I really enjoyed this book a lot. Millar hits the bullseye again. He never misses. The universe wants that man to write comics and I’m glad he does so. Reborn issue six closed out the arc beautifully and left me wanting much much more. There does appear to be the possibility of more. Once again I tip my hat to you Mr. Millar for giving us another incredible, hard-hitting, fast paced, yet wonderfully told tale. Reborn #6 gets a definite five out of five stars.

Story: Mark Millar
Art: Fco Plascencia, Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion
Cover A / Cover B / Cover C: Greg Capullo

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