REVIEW: Red Hood and the Outlaws #11

It’s the final countdown…. well that’s that plays in my head when I read the final issue of this series. The war between General Heinle of Qurac and Akila, Shim’Tar of Bona-Mighdall has come to a head. Akila has be possessed by RA and his influence has tinted her mind. They fight for freedom but who is the one offering it and who is the one trying to take it away.

Red Hood knows Akila is different since she came back from the dead, of all people he knows what that’s like and he knows that she has the Bow of RA not General Heinle, but try and tell Artemis and the other amazon warriors. They believe their Shim’Tar and she told them the general had it and that is why they people of K’Kyesh died.

As they fight the general and his people refuse to surrender and tell Artemis they do not possess the Bow. Just at that moment Akila reveals her true nature and out comes the Bow of RA. Shock and horror over comes Artemis and like all good warriors do, she turns the fight on her once beloved Shim’Tar and fights for the greater good of the land and its people. Without warning Akila’s standing place tumbles and out pops Bizarro with the refugees.  (I love this guys by the way, he’s like a Mel Brooks character) Bizarro Rocks! Just saying, but the rubble doesn’t hold Akila for long and she jumps out of it and attacks Bizarro. This enrages Artemis and she brings the fight to Akila, as does Red Hood. While using he soul to feed the all-blades he does what he can but it drains him, so his best buddy Bizarro jumps back into the fight. They can’t win against a god but low and behold something truly mystical happens. Artemis picks up the Bow of Ra and instead of it turning her into a crispy amazon its powers obey her. With all this she kicks Akila’s butt and saves the day.

Now some other funky stuff happens but I’ll leave that to you guys to read. I must say I did enjoy this comic. It had the right amount of history and modern warfare to make it a believable read. The artwork is bright and engaging with just the right amount of old school RUMMMMBL, BOOOM and WHOOM to keep an Adam West Batman Fan Happy. Rate 4.5 out of 5.

(W) Scott Lobdell (A) Dexter Soy (CA) Kenneth Rocafort

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