REVIEW: Red Hood and the Outlaws #3

You know I was going to do the whole weird backwards/opposite talking thing for an intro here but I really hate the way it sounds, so let me just cut the chatter and give you the scoop with this issue:

Bizarro is back!

Red Hood is working with Black Mask and part of that arrangement was to procure a package on a train car. That package just happened to be a failed clone of Superman that was scheduled to be destroyed by Lex Corp. So enter your new rebirth version of Bizarro.

The art in this issue is so good it will make you weep. Dexter Soy really has come into his own during his time with DC and it really shows this issue. I’m not a big fan of the Black Mask’s new design, but I really dug the twisted farm boy look that they are using for Bizarro. You’re getting your money’s worth on this title for just the art alone.

The story moved along nicely, the characters did come off flat and stilted in a few places, but the art more than made up for this.

Bizzaro has always been one of my favorite Superman villains, so it’s nice to see him back. I don’t know what DC has in store for him, but he ends the issue looking pretty pissed.

Final Thoughts: It’s the return of Bizarro! What more could you want?

Final Grade: 4 Stars

Red Hood and the Outlaws #3
Story: Scott Lobdell
Art: Dexter Soy
Colors: Veronica Gandini
Letters: Taylor Esposito
Publisher: DC Comics

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