REVIEW: Red Hood and the Outlaws #40

STORY BY: Scott Lobdell
ART BY: Tom Derenick, Sean Parsons
COLORS BY: The Hories
LETTERS BY: Dave Sharpe
COVER BY: R.B. Silva, Wayne Faucher
RELEASE DATE: Mar 18th, 2015

I love The West Wing! Even now, I will watch a bunch of episodes and enjoy the serious moments, the “funny” and all the cast. I also like the way it can educate without becoming preachy. Without Bartlett and Co. I wouldn’t have come to know the meaning of a lame-duck, and I certainly wouldn’t be able to use the term in the right context. Ready?

This book is a lame-duck!

One of the problems of universe spanning crossovers is that there are books that will become casualties.  Back in pre Flashpoint days and the inception of the NU52, you may remember the hoopla surrounding Stephanie Brown’s removal as Batgirl. Now three and bit years on, with Convergence looming, I am not sure there is anybody to lament this particular book passing.

This good-bye (riddance?) is brought to you by Scott Lobdell on words and Tom Derenick on pictures.  As a reviewer, I have to remain impartial and give unbiased opinions.  Now I have said that disclaimer, I can safely say I have never read a Scott Lobdell book I have liked.  That streak is in no danger here. Granted, it’s an action issue, with the good-bye shoehorned into it at the end.  Even the script sounds like Lobdell has emailed it in, take his “etc” when one of these great friends, looks to support another great friend.

The art by Derenick is harmless enough, coming from the D.C. style of “nothing spectacular”. There are panels were Derenick seems to be channelling either Alan Davis or Mark Farmer. That is not such a bad thing, emulation happens; it the panels where he has to create his own style that causes the distinction to be become apparent. Just check out the opening page. Should a right knee even bend that way?  D.C obviously see something they like as Derenick has a few Convergence books due out.

Post Convergence, we are getting  a Red Hood / Arsenal book and a seperate Starfire book. It will interesting to see if both books are successful or will the fact there are two books split the fan base. Just bear in mind, the new Red Hood has Lobdell and the new ‘Fire book will have Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti. Either way, I doubt I will be looking at either during or post Convergence.

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