REVIEW: Red Sonja #15

Gail Simone (w)
Walter Geovani (a)
Jenny Frison, Emma Vieceli, Stephanie Buscema, Matt Brooks (c)
Fans & retailers, order the cover of your choice!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99 • Teen+
Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment
Release Date: 03/25/2015

Behind a gorgeous Jenny Frison cover, at least on the issue I reviewed, there is a tale of choices made, actions taken and forgiveness given.

I have been looking forward to reading Gail Simone’s book and I have to say I found it slightly impressive. The script had enough about it to grab my attention and the story is pretty much okay and there is the internal dialogue, which was a much commented on part of her Batgirl book.  Sonja, suffering from a curse, looks for respite from the villagers who sent her on her mission.  This curse leaves her more than little bit under the weather.

Art is supplied by Walter Geovani who, absolutely makes the book work. The panels showing both of the monster are impressive, as is the panel structure around them, showing the impact the monsters have on not just the characters but their surroundings. That said, there are elements of the art that may pose an issue.  For an action book, sometimes the characters can look a little flat.  Colours are supposed by a trio of Adriano Lucas, Alex Guimaraes and Marco Leslie and is effective throughout whether it’s a rain soaked forest or a cosy room in a tavern.

This book is primarily about forgiveness and restored faith, which in part, fans of Simone will have seen before on Batgirl and Birds of Prey.  Here it is still a solid story point because as the curse affects Sonja, she is setting out to fix all the things within her circle of influence.

Gail Simone has a huge fan following which will help bring readers across from D.C. so she has a responsibility to create a strong book to keep them entertained and coming back.  That goal, I think, has been achieved with this issue.

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