REVIEW: Red Sonja: Vol 3 #2

Three miles from the Hyrkanian border, Sonja is up to her broad sword in trouble again.  This time jumping in to save a family from soldiers of the King.  Not one to let innocent blood spill, Sonja starts swinging for the hills, leading to an explanation of sorts of the troubles that ail her homeland.

This is really simple story, though writer Marguerite Bennett does cover the bases, leading from last issues re-introduction to the character.  Bennett’s approach works well in this structured approach, whilst not hitting the highs of some of her other independent work, the plot works well focussing on the current dilemma.  The script works well, with Sonja coming across as you would expect with an element of patriotism thrown in for good measure.

Aneke is again on art and for someone who has taken her fair share of comments, I have to say, this book is one her best efforts.  Everything about the art works, the framework of the characters in the action scenes, the pace of the story delivered through panel layout and best of all, better facial elements throughout with softer lines especially around Sonja herself.  Aneke provides her own inks which may mean she has had more control of the finished product.  Whatever the reason, her work looks great.  Colors are provided Jorge Sutil, who does the usual solid job.  Erica Schultz is the letterer; I normally don’t mention letterers but i have to say, the dialogue not only reads well but it looks good with emphasis placed to add tone.  Finally, as it’s a dynamite book, there are a number of variant covers, but you would be best served sticking with a the main cover by Marguerite Sauvage.

I had doubts about this book, when Gail Simone left.  I am happy to see both Bennett and Aneke have allayed my doubts.

Red Sonja (Vol. 3) #2
writer: Marguerite Bennett
artist: Aneke
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