REVIEW: RED TEAM: Double Tap, Center Mass #6 (of 9)

I Thought I Was Falling

Issue six opens with our titular characters, Detectives Eddie Mellinger and Trudy Giroux “coping” with the near death of Trudy in issue five.  Of course from the opening page you can quickly determine their coping mechanism will create even greater turmoil for the remaining issues.  This is as good a cop drama as I have encountered, either from print or video!  Garth Ennis provides such a realistic script, complete with idiosyncrasies for each character.  This issue trades action for character development and exposition, which reads perfectly, and in my opinion is often reversed in comics as a whole.

Craig Cermak has me on a search for anything he has illustrated.  Cermak’s work is gorgeous realism.  Emotion and facial expressions are detailed and complement the script exceptionally well.  No background element appeared rushed or inconsequential.  The absence of exaggerated anatomy also complemented the realism.  Eddie and Trudy are visually believable as characters from both their dialogue and illustration.  Kudos to Vinicius Andrade’s colors must also be given.  The shadows and muted color pallet avoids the appearance of being too cartoonish and. . .you guessed it; appears realistic.

I now have a Red Team mission of my own now, which is to pick up the prior  volume in trade and of course I will do the same for volume two.  I have the benefit of reading the prior issues and if I had to muster one criticism of this series, it would be the cliff hanging “third acts” will likely be more satisfying when enjoyed as a trade collection.  Hardly a critique and more of a personal preference when the fate of the characters become so personal. 4.9 out of 5

Written by: Garth Ennis
Art by: Craig Cermak
Colored by: Vinicius Andrade
Lettered by: Rob Steen
Cover by: Dan Panosian

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