REVIEW: Red Team: Double Tap, Centre Mass #4 (of 9)

Cop shows; love them or hate them, you can’t turn on the box without coming across a CSI, Law & Order, NYPD Blue (yes, I am showing my age) or Blue Bloods.  Comic books tend to circle this particular genre with some really good books making the transition.

Dynamite Comics have gone back to the well, with a sequel to their previous Red Team series.  Set one year later after the previous run, we catch up with Detectives Eddie Mellinger and Trudy Giroux, now in the doghouse, a political liability, they are kept busy with small time cases.  Having not read any of the previous issues, I was kind of all at sea at the start of this issue.  There are two tracks in play, past and present with the juxtaposition and the ramifications between screaming tension throughout the book .  There are action scenes, but that is almost an after thought for the most part, to the drama between the two detectives.

Garth Ennis absolutely without a doubt, totally nails the script and dialogue in this book.  Aspiring writers who may be trying to give their work a sense of maturity that could possibly transcend a comic page, go and read and learn about Ennis technique.  The nuances of the interaction between Eddie and Trudy is such well crafted, well observed slices of human interaction.  Every interaction the two have plays well, with an underlying sense always bringing the two in contact with each other.

Craig Cermak’s work seems to have passed me by.  No big surprise there; the sheer amount of books out on the racks predetermines that I can’t see every book.  Still, as with the previous issues of this series,  I have totally missed out on some quality work.  Certain comics need a level of dynamism, some need a cartoony feel and some need a level of realism.  Cermak fits the bill brilliantly for this book.  For a book the features so much dialogue, Cermak steps up to the plate, using various panel structure to add to the storytelling.  His lines are clear and concise, with his best work being the two detectives.  Still, when is comes to the action scenes,  Cermak shows that he has the talent to cover both elements.  Colorist Vinicius Andrade adds to the whole effect, going for a mix of whitewash effects the emphasises  the characters to the well detailed work of the raid.

Coming into the book blind, has served the experience of enjoying this book well.  If I had this reaction, as a one of read, then fans of these characters and creators should be in seventh heaven.  As for me, I am off to the LCBS to seeing they have trade for the first run.

Writing – 5 Stars
Art – 5 Stars
Colors – 5 Stars

STORY BY Garth Ennis
ART BY Craig Cermak
COVER BY Dan Panosian
PUBLISHER Dynamite Entertainment

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