REVIEW: Redhood and the Outlaws #4

Well I had a problem this week, everything in my Dropbox was stuff I’m going to buy, so it felt a bit weird going to read it before I bought it. So it was this or Spider-Man and as I’m always keen to give DC a whirl, this it was.

Glad I did! I was pleasantly gobsmacked by the fluid writing, excellent pacing, cohesive plot (enough to know what’s happening immediately at least) bit of wandering dialogue enhanced by cool visuals and a lovely moment where conflict is resolved without a fist fight.

The art is stylish, taking the best bits from the nineties with a hint of manga. All the anatomy is in the right places and there’s some really nice line work that’s expressive but controlled.

This was a surprise package that delivered the kind of parcel you weren’t expecting but was really chuffed to receive.

Written by Scott Lobdell, art by Dexter Soy, published by DC

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