REVIEW: Regular Show #26

G’Day Regular Fans!

This is Dodgy86 in the mix, bringing you Regular Show # 26 by Mad Rupert with art by Wook Jin Clark. Supporting stories written/art by Travis Maiden and written by Kevin Church with art by Colemen Engle.

This issue starts with : Muscle Man and his girlfriend Starla write a novel called Moon Shadow Love Saga; coincidently a Muscle Man look-a-like with a body like Fabio is the lead character, who goes on romantic adventures and is surrounded by dazzling ladies.. As Muscle Man and Starla roam to show their book to their friends, what will the reception be?

When you have a friend, who you would say… doesn’t smell the nicest! What would you say?

Thats the turmoil Mortecai, Skips, High Five Ghost and the rest of the gang are facing, because Rigby who’s actually proud not to wash in 3 months. Wait to see what’s in store for him, they have the pew-fect plan!

The humour in this book are subtle which makes it ideal for all ages, the jokes are aplenty and is consistent with the popular TV show.
The story-telling team of Rupert and Clark’s work is exceptional,the first story was like a silent movie. The ability to tell the story without any text is one thing but to be able to understand it is another! It’s genius!

For Regular Show fans and new readers alike will find something to laugh at, do ya’self a favour and check this out!

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