So, this review is going to be as potentially divisive as Renato Jones may turn out to be.  For many, the idea of mashing up a Punisher type of mission with some Deadpool sensibilities and adding elements of violence around and specifically aimed at kids seems like a good read.  Thank the constitution and the founding fathers for the First Amendment.

Renato Jones is a book created, written and mostly drawn by Kaare Kyle Andrews. Looking at the writing first of all;  I have to admit, the first page had my interest, as did the opening salvo on the boat with both showing a deft touch with the clues and the setup of the rest of the story.  However, from there the dialogue, in both the past and the present devolves into a “dude-fest” and covers all the required bases with an air of stereo-typically.

I mentioned the book was mostly drawn by Andrews.  This is mainly due to the number of “homage” styles used throughout the book.  There is a lot of Howard Chaykin, elements of Steve Ditko on a number of faces and most screamingly obvious of all, Frank Miller from page two.  Now, I understand that artists, very much like writers and loads of other creative types, have their influences.  But if I wanted to look at Frank Miller art, I would go and read The Dark Knight Returns or Sin City.  If I wanted to look at Chaykin art, I would go read American Flagg or Satellite Sam.  What I wouldn’t do is be happy about spending my hard-earned cash on what is practically an homage art book.

With the current popularity of The Punisher, mainly from the Daredevil show, it seems that violence, or at least “an eye for an eye” violence is back on trend.  Reading this book, I am saddened that there is a market for books like this.  I realize that this book may be satire or even thought of as subversive, but to me, it is just noise.

Writing – 2 Stars
Art – 1 Stars
Color – 3 Stars

(W/A/CA) Kaare Andrews


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